Go Nuts!

Steps to make a candy acorn! 

Have you noticed all the squirrels running around? They are BUSY. VERY BUSY. Just like the storybooks say, they are running to and fro, gathering and burying acorns. I will admit, I have busted open an acorn and had a little nibble to see what all the fuss is about. If you don't feel like doing that, maybe you could make a little dish of these to nibble as you watch the squirrel races from your window!


6 whole almonds

3 caramel candies

2 small pretzels


1.    With clean hands, roll caramel until warm and pliable. Tear piece in two. 2. Shape caramel piece into little bowl shape and place on large end of almond as the acorn’s cap. 3. Break pretzel into small pieces. 4. Stick a piece of pretzel into top of caramel for the acorn’s stem.


Makes 6 acorns