Bake Someone Happy



I love making people's birthday treat. I love to ask them what their favorite cake flavor is. What is their favorite frosting? Or maybe they like ice cream. Or pie! Once I have interviewed them about that, I think about the person. What do they like to do? What do they like to think about? What do they like to hug? What is their favorite color? I spend a long time thinking about them and maybe this is my birthday meditation to the person I am baking for. They don't even know this part! But I do! And I love them! I especially love going to their celebration and letting them see what I made just for them. I know it seems like an edible present for them, but it is also a present for me. I love to make people smile. Its very satisfying to me! Above are some cupcakes I made recently for my little 5 year old friend who LOVES soccer. Once I got to his party, I stuck some soccer balls on sticks on the road and sky cupcakes. "Places Soccer Balls Are" Cupcakes? Hmmmm...well they were just for Basel and his soccer-filled head! He smiled big when faced with a table full of these crazy cupcake landscapes. And my heart was squeezed with joy!