Keep a Special Look Out!

Non-descript warehouse in New Orleans, Louisiana

I was walking my little dog yesterday, when I noticed something amazing peeking out of an open warehouse door. Looky there! A HUGE birthday cake! A giant in a toga! NEPTUNE! My heart sped up and I couldn't breathe that well because I was so excited. I had stumbled upon some real live magic in my day. I know...New Orleans does have  the lion's share of magic, but I have been many other places and felt lucky enough to feel something so thrilling in a regular ole day. Magic is there if you bother to look. And then, as I tore myself away from this glorious sight, on my sparkly walk home, I found one of these:

That extra leaf  is filled with the luck!

So keep an eye out today! If you see something magical, send me a note or a pic!

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