Welcome Summer!

Welcome Fruit Salad!  

Welcome Fruit Salad! 

Here is an easy and funny way to serve fruit salad this summer!  

Welcome Wagon 

1 large pineapple

fruit of your choice

3 limes


Slice 1/3 of the pineapple off lengthwise. Using a small knife, cut out center of larger piece leaving a sturdy border so piece won't collapse. Cut scooped out pineapple into pieces. Peel remaining piece of pineapple and cut it into pieces as well. Cut other fruit into pieces and squeeze lime juice from one of the limes onto mixed fruit. Cut pineapple leaves off, leaving one leaf. Cut two limes in half. Attach them to bottom of pineapple for the wagon's wheels. Fill center of pineapple with fruit salad. Make a little flag if you'd like out of paper and a toothpick to insert into your wagon.

Well Howdy, that was simple!