Dear Hero,

Dear Nadia Comaneci, You inspired me.  

Dear John Candy, You made me laugh. 

Dear MFK Fisher, I love "How to Cook a Wolf". 

Dear Richard, I still think about "Watership Down" all the time.  

I love sending letters in the mail. I think I should say: I LOVE SENDING LETTERS IN THE MAIL!Actually, maybe more like this:


I could keep writing that sentence bigger and with more emphasis, but I will stop.  Last year I had an art show about the post. Part of it was a pile of letters I wrote to my heroes. They were small pictures and paintings and not too many words. Making those letters was SO enjoyable. I would think about the person I was sending them to while making them. I would think about what they had done in the world that I loved and how they had inspired me. I sealed them, addressed them as best I could, and made a special stamp to stick on them. Through the years I have often written to people that I do not know because they have inspired me and I wanted to tell them so. I like imagining that maybe maybe my letter might let them know that someone cares about what they do and maybe maybe it will make them feel good. Let's write a letter to one of our heroes this summer! Come on! Join me! Dear Jane Goodall...