Its the Little Things

Meet the Tiny Mommy! 

One day, I was looking out of my window and I noticed something small and very very magical. There on a little branch sat a hummingbird on her nest! She was incredible! So tiny! Such an impossibly small and neat nest! When she would leave the nest, I could see two jellybean sized eggs inside! She sat on that nest through the wind and the rain and after awhile, the eggs hatched and there were her little bitty babies (who looked a lot like bugs.) It was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed in my life. My heart would flutter when I watched her and I would cheer for her and worry about her in the rain. But this incredible and astounding activity was something that happens every single day in the world of the hummingbirds. We are just too big and busy to notice! My advice to me is to slow down and look for these magical moments more often! They are there if you pay attention and they will brighten your days, inspire you, and make you say "Hurray!"