Mail Magic


I met a magical woman recently. Her name is Kiera Coffee and she loves to send things in the mail. By "things" I am not talking letters and postcards necessarily. I mean THINGS. She has sent rocks and sticks and dolls and other THINGS. And these things are not in boxes. These things have stamps on them and that's it. So the postal workers get to marvel at these magical items making there way through space and time to land at someone's doorstep far from Kiera's. OK, stop now and let's just think about that.

Isn't that NEAT-O??????? It makes my heart SING. I thought it was magical enough for letters and postcards to make their journeys through the word...but a doll with stamps on her head? I am experiencing a shortness of breath marveling at that! When I met Kiera and heard about this wonderful thing that she did, I started gushing. She asked me for my address. !!!! A few weeks later a half a globe ended up at my door. HOW ABOUT THAT?! Look at it up there in the picture! A half a globe with stamps on it went through the postal system! I bet it made a lot of people smile on its way before it made it to my smiling face.  HURRAY FOR KIERA COFFEE!!!