Greetings from The Crocheted Oyster Bar!

A lotta laughs here  

A lotta laughs here 

This month I was in NYC for the 2nd annual SuperDuperMarket. DANG, it was a LOT of fun! It was hosted by he GREAT Kim Hastreiter of Paper Magazine who is one of the most terrific ladies I know. It was generously sponsored by Target and American Express. Lots of fun food folks came from all corners of the country and set up their wares in the market. Humphry Slocombe ice cream!  Salty Road TaffyDee & Ricky's Home Cooking! Andrew Andrew! Imperial Woodpecker Snoballs! So many great people! So much good food! My booth was of the non-edible variety. After spending 8 months in lovely New Orleans, I opened a pop-up Crocheted Oyster Bar!

Happy me on opening night with my fuzzy oysters 

Lots of people came to the market. Many folks laughed at my oysters. Some gave me funny looks and walked quickly past. That's OK! My goal was to make people smile and I did some of that so it was a success in my goofy book!  

An oyster is served

Folks even bought oysters! If you did, I pretended I was in a restaurant, and I served one up with a crocheted lemon half and crocheted cocktail sauce and a little fork and a printed napkin. I also sold postcards and beer koozies. Really wild people bought oysters. You can read about one of them here. And here is another fun article about the market.

A bushel of oysters in the corner of my crocheted oyster bar 

It was a great time. I was honored to have been there. It was really a feeling of HURRAY TODAY for me that lasted a whole weekend!!!  

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