Its Really the Little Things

Impossible !  My small thumb for scale.

Impossible! My small thumb for scale.

I was having a medium to cranky day and then the mailman came. Ohhh a little brown envelope with a handwritten address to me!? Oh boy it traveled all the way from London! What a long trip for an envelope! How exciting! Maybe its from my dear friend! Oh a long newsy letter and three of the tiniest teeniest dinkiest littlest pieces of food EVER created. My mood is lifted. I am smiling and wondering how someone made that little sausage with the pastry. My heart is beating quickly as I study the littlest strawberry slice I have ever even imagined. And then I get to settle into a nice letter from my dear pal.

Its really amazing what a little mail can do. I know I write a lot about it, but I think a lot about it. A short postcard can brighten a day. A long newsy letter has the amazing power to entertain and keep you close to your friends and family. And a TINY TEENY present can bring BIG FAT JOY.

I wish I worked at the post office. I really do. I would surely feel like a magician or the Easter Bunny if I did.