Marzipan Anchors Away!

Golden and Almondy

I made a big ole' cake for my friend's big ole' birthday this weekend. It was a GIGANTIC chocolate cake boat with three giant layers. I made a sail with wood and hand painted canvas with the birthday's boy's face painted on it. I made cupcakes that were decorated like waves and fish to surround the cake and I made this gold marzipan anchor. The birthday boy was happy and it was an honor to light all those candles for him at his party and that of course was the whole point. But I liked making this anchor a lot. I have made plenty of stuff with marzipan but never an anchor or a chain and it was fun. It is enjoyable to make things with your hands and your head. Makes you feel good! I had a buddy who used to advise me when I was blue-ish to "make something" and that was GREAT advice.