What do YOU Like?

You know I did all of those mandalas of food that I like last year. Recently someone asked me to do one of the food that she and her husband liked. After a fun interview where I learned all about the things they liked, I got to work. Oatmeal, chestnuts, chocolate chip cookies, yakitori peppers, flavor king pluots, salami, carne asada tacos, salmon skin rolls, concord grapes, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, black beans and blackberries all found thier order in this meditative design. The couple was thrilled. Now I am working on a few more. Would you like one? I am selling this service in the store on this site now. I think it might make a nice present for your self or someone that you like! How about for a wedding gift?? Order quickly before I am over this and on to the next project!!